Focus on your own health and wellbeing

Best Test at home offers convenience, economy, and privacy
They put You the consumer in the driver's seat, from Ovulation and Fertitlity, to warning of potential health concerns or offering reassurance that your vital signs are in order.

It is not all about Testing, as tracking tools can also be fundamental to your own personal health and wellbeing

As well as Tests at Home we offer a varied and wide selection of tracking tools, monitors and self help equipment to make sure your a in tip top condition

Our range of Ovulation tests and kits predict Fertile Days
Knowing the best days to conceive significantly improves your chances of getting Pregnant
Simple Testing with Fast Results
All from the comfort of your own home

Our SMART Ovulation  kits make monitoring even simpler

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Order from our range of Fertility tests to test the fertility of both Women and Men.
Many tests offer next day delivery direct to your door.
Simple Testing and Fast Results
All from the comfort of your own home

Our SMART Fertility kits make Testing even simplier

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We currently offer three types of DNA Kits

  1. For discovering your Genetic Ancestry
  2. Paternity to ascertain a Biological Father
  3. Actionable Insights into Wellbeing & Health

All tests are Easy to Use with Full Instructions

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Family Health Screening Tests can give you an indication of health and early detection of underlying health concerns.
From Anaemia and Liver functions, to Heart and Vascular, Cholesterol and Blood Pressure 
Plus many more test Kits

Tests are Simple to Use with Fast Results
All from the comfort of your own home

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We can help you choose your perfect combination of Vitamins.
An essential part of healthy nutrition.