Dealing With Infertility

Coping with infertility can be a difficult situation to overcome. Studies have shown that the mental anguish women who are struggling with infertility go through is similar to someone going through an illness.

To make things worse, people may tell you that because of your anxiety, you are actually causing yourself to become infertile, which isn’t true as was proven in current studies.

Your body is going through a whirlwind of emotions like loss, anger, denial, jealousy and shame, but this is all normal. You may feel the loss of the child you are never going to have, anger that this has to happen to you, denial that this really isn’t a problem and you’ll get pregnant next month, jealousy for women who can conceive without any problems and shame for not being able to get pregnant. It’s a mixed bag of emotions where you have absolutely no control over how well the fertility treatments will work out in the end.

Infertility can put a huge strain on your relationship also. Not only are the procedures costly creating a strain on a couple financially, but it can bring dramatic sexual tension to couples trying to get pregnant making sex a chore. Through the inability to conceive, the woman may fear abandonment with her partner leaving her for someone who can actually have children.

With an endless gamut of emotions coursing through your body, you need a release on how to cope with the depression that you’re feeling. Some coping strategies include:

Don’t keep your emotions bottled up inside you. Take time and allow yourself to feel the pain, anger, frustration and heartache.

Search around for support groups, friends, online forums, places where people will listen and can relate to what you are going through. Seek professional help either through couples counselling or on your own.

Find an outlet in life where you can release your stress and anxiety. There are activities like yoga, acupuncture or indulge in a favourite hobby, where you can go to relax and feel good.

Keep communication open between yourself and your partner. Discuss your hopes and fears, but remember that men and women handle stress differently. In case your partner chooses to bottle his emotions, let him know that you are here when he’s ready to talk.

Continue on with your life and keep things fun and exciting. Don’t let your problems with infertility take over how you live your life. Make sex exciting and remember what truly brought you and your partner together.

Source by Audra Erwin

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