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  • Femometer Basal Thermometer for Ovulation, Intelligent BBT Thermometer with Backlit LED Screen, Fertility Monitor Period…

    Automated Data Recording & BBT Charting – Your BBT measurement will be automatically transmitted to the App via Bluetooth. The app will generate the BBT chart for you using your measured data and analyze it to find your fertile window & ovulation. No manual work needed. 
    Accurate & Fast Measurement – The measurement precision is 0.09°F(0.05°C) to show even the smallest BBT fluctuations. Measurement are finished in as little 30 secs. 
    So Easy to Use – No buttons or switches, just an LCD screen for you to read your measurement. Simply remove the cap to switch on and replace it to switch off. Measure the minute you wake each day (before you get out of the bed) to get the most accurate measurement.