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  • Aarja Health – Vitamin C 500 with Zinc, Rosehip, and Arctic Chaga Extract, Natural Immune System Support, 100 Easy-to…

    ✔ WHY AARJA HEALTH? Our strong and natural VITAMIN C 500 is combined with Zinc, Chaga and Rose hip to provide optimal boost for your immune system. Nordic Chaga mushroom contains potent antioxidants and contributes to fight inflammation. Zinc has antiviral and antibacterial effects and can reduce exposure to infections and duration of the flu. Rose hip is a rich and natural source of Vitamin C.
    ✔ WHAT DOES IT HELP? Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation and maintenance, which is important for healthy bones, skin, teeth and joints. Vitamin C has multiple other benefits for health, and it’s vital to consume it through nutrition as the human body is not able to produce it naturally.
    ✔ WHAT ARE THE EFFECTS? Vitamin C & Zinc help to fight oxidative stress as they protect your DNA, proteins and lipids from oxidative damage. Together with Chaga, they have powerful antioxidant effects and thus our combination helps to reduce inflammation.