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  • DNA Test Advanced tellmeGen (Health – Traits – Wellness – Ancestry) What Your DNA says About You

    👴🏼 WE HELP YOU TO EXTEND YOUR LIFE EXPECTANCY: TellmeGen is the health and ancestry (ethnicity) DNA test kit that provides the most information on the market. Be ready and slow down their development.
    🏆 YOU ARE UNIQUE, KNOW IT!: With the TellmeGen health and ancestry DNA test kit you will be able to know your predisposition to obesity, baldness, gaining muscle and even your tolerance to alcohol. Discover what makes you unique!
    ❤️ ALWAYS AT YOUR SIDE: TellmeGen is the only health and ancestry dna test that is updated automatically at no cost as advances and new discoveries occur. In addition, you can consult our experts in our genetic, medical and nutritional forum. TellmeGen’s philosophy is making the latest advances in genetics accessible to everyone.