Male Fertility Testing at Home

Infertility is something that affects many people. This is typically discovered when two people are wanting to start a family and have children.

Males are usually tested first if there are issues with having a child because it is easier to collect a sperm sample from them than it is to extract an egg from a woman. Having a fertility test done, however, can be an inconvenient and embarrassing thing to undergo. This is a very private matter, and many men want to avoid the visit to the doctor’s office as much as possible. . However, there is a more convenient way to do a Male Fertility Test, and that is with a home testing kit. This type of kit is simple to use and can be done at your convenience in the privacy of your home.

One question that many people immediately think of is the accuracy of a test that is done at home as compared to what the clinic would use. A great amount of time and research has gone into creating a quality at home male fertility test. The accuracy can be relied on just as well as an home pregnancy test. The major benefit of using this type of test is it will allow a couple to know if it is the male that is having issues. The results of the test can give people a starting point with their doctor when they do decide to go in.

Another great benefit of the at home male fertility test is the ease of use. This test works similarly to an at home pregnancy test. The test will determine if the sample given has a normal range of sperm in it. A normal range is considered to be around twenty million. Based on the color that the kit will change, a male will be able to see if his sperm count is in this range. When the sperm count is at or above the normal range, then the chances of getting pregnant are much higher than if the count was low. While a low sperm count does not mean that pregnancy is impossible, it does lower the chances.

There are many factors that come into play with male infertility. Using an at home Male Fertility Test is the first step in determining if there is a problem. People that use drugs or drink too much alcohol are definitely at risk of having a lowered sperm count. The health of an individual is also a factor. If a person is not eating a healthy diet and consuming healthy beverages, their sperm count could also be lowered. Another huge factor in male fertility is stress. A person that has a very stressful job situation can cause their body to function in an abnormal way. When infertility is a concern, the home test can save time, and the embarrassment of having the test done. It can give couples a starting point to figure out what the problem is. The quicker the problem is discovered, the quicker people can move forward with starting their family.

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