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  • cerascreen® Food Reaction Test Kit – Quick and Easy to use Food Allergy & Intolerance Test | Health Screening…

    ✔ EASY & PAINFREE TO PERFORM -The cerascreen® tests enable analysis tests with a blood volume of only 300µg thanks to the latest technology. This procedure is performed and recommended by doctors and pharmacies. Thanks to the process optimised by cerascreen, it is now possible to perform these blood tests really easily at home, without having to arrange an appointment with the doctor or having to extract blood with a syringe.
    ✔ DETAILED AND PERSONAL RESULTS REPORT – The cerascreen® Food Reaction Test provides evidence if you suspect allergies or intolerances. Find out quickly and easily what foods you can tolerate and what foods you cannot.
    ✔ FREE ANALYSIS IN THE SPECIALIST DIAGNOSTIC LABORATORY – cerascreen® is a fellow subsidiary of the company DST Diagnostic Systems & Technologies specialised in holistic diagnosis for over 10 years. The cerascreen concept is based on long-standing experience in DST human diagnosis along with the expertise and advice offered by experienced health specialists in diverse disciplines.