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  • FERTILILY Helps to conceive at home – improves the chances of pregnancy by 48%

    Helps to conceive at home
    Delivers more sperm to the cervix
    Comfortable & Easy to Use

  • SEAFORIA at Home Conception Assistance Kit – The Only Sperm Preparation Kit for Home Insemination – Immediately Improve…

    EXPERIENCING DIFFICULTIES TRYING TO CONCEIVE? You’re not alone! Millions of couples worldwide are coping with problems trying to achieve a pregnancy the natural way – now more than ever before. This is why after more than a decade of research, we have developed the SEAFORIA AT HOME CONCEPTION ASSISTANCE KIT – which is scientifically designed to assist you to conceive naturally & independently, through Intra-Cervical self-Insemination at home. Now you can do it entirely on your own!
    SEAFORIA AT HOME KIT is a medical device, which employs a patented, single-use design that separates the best performing, motile, elite sperm, by mimicking the natural pathway within the female reproductive tract. WITHOUT the need for a certified lab & centrifugation, which might cause sperm DNA damage.
    Research shows a downward spiral in the quality of male sperm over the past decades. Low sperm counts, abnormal sperm morphology & DNA fragmentation make it harder to conceive the natural way. In this respect, SEAFORIA AT HOME is a revolutionary device, which allows you to conduct an Intra Cervical Insemination procedure at home, using prepared quality sperm. And remember – it only takes one perfect sperm cell to create your perfect baby.