Clearblue has been a pioneer in pregnancy testing for over 30 years, delivering new and innovative products, including:

  • 1985The world’s first easy to use home pregnancy test. Faster and much simpler than previous methods, it was the first test you could use directly in your urine stream, had just 3 steps, and gave an accurate result in just 30 minutes when other methods took hours or even days.
  • 1988The world’s first one-step pregnancy test with easy-to-read results in just 3 minutes
  • 1996The world’s first 1-minute pregnancy test.
  • 2003The world’s first digital pregnancy test, giving a clear result in words. The ‘digital revolution’ is important as 1 in 4 women can misread a line test.
  • 2004The world’s first pregnancy test with a colour changing tip for easy sampling
  • 2008The world’s first pregnancy test that tells you how many weeks since you conceived (1-2, 2-3, or 3+).
  • 2011The world’s first pregnancy test to win a Red Dot award for its innovative, consumer-friendly ergonomic design
  • 2012The world’s first digital pregnancy test with smart countdown to your result
  • 2014Results 6 days early – no test can tell you sooner

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