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Home Paternity DNA Testing Kit

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Simple to use DNA paternity test and is carried out at your home. Once you have collected your DNA samples simply return them to AlpaBiolabs in the pre-addressed envelope provided and we will send your results the next working day. Painless and discrete test taking less than 5 minutes. Our DNA sample collection is a quick and easy procedure which requires a mouth swab to be rubbed gently and painlessly on the inside of your cheek in order to collect some cheek cells. We test every negative result twice to ensure the accuracy. We have invested in the very latest technology to ensure that we are the most accurate DNA testing laboratory in the UK. All our DNA Tests provide 100% accuracy, with up to 99.99% probability of relationship or 100% exclusion of relationship. Our DNA Testing is performed under Strictest Standards and Highest Quality Control. AlphaBiolabs has all required accreditation’s, certified to ISO 9001:2000 with its laboratory certified to ISO 17025 and we are fully accredited by the Ministry of Justice. Please note: You cannot use this test for and legal purposes such as changing a name on a birth certificate. DNA Testing Kit Contains Each DNA Kit Contains: Mouth Swabs for each participant Sample Envelopes Full Instructions Return Shipping Envelope Order Form and Brochures. Full phone and email support is provided. This DNA sample collection kit will determine if an alleged father is the biological father of a child. This kit contains full instructions on how to take the DNA samples and how to send the samples back to our laboratory. Please note: There will be a charge of £129 laboratory fees before you receive your DNA paternity test results. • Home DNA Sample Collection Kit • Award winning DNA test • Tests Mother, Child and Alleged Father • Three Working Day Results (from sample receipt at laboratory) • 100% Accurate from a UK accredited laboratory • Shipped in plain wrapper to maintain confidentiality

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